The steel pipe company successfully passed the offline and online factory inspection work of Xinao Sunshine e-purchase platform

This month, the review expert group of Xinao Sunshine e-purchase platform conducted a video factory inspection of our company. This factory inspection work is very important for future cooperation with Xinao Gas. Only after passing the factory inspection can you be qualified to communicate with the other party.After receiving the notice of offline and online factory inspections on the Xinao Sunshine e-shopping platform, Deputy General Manager Han Weidong immediately organized relevant departments to hold factory inspection meetings, requesting the office and other relevant departments to actively cooperate and prepare relevant materials steadily in advance to ensure that there are no problems with the factory inspection.

        In the end, after everyone's joint efforts, they successfully passed the online and offline factory inspections on October 19, and successfully joined the Sunshine e-purchase platform, becoming a qualified supplier of the platform, and enjoying the qualification to participate in bidding and bidding, laying the foundation for future cooperation.