CultureZhongyun culture: Dedication + Team + Details


Dedication: refers to the ideological requirements

Dedication is fundamental and the first condition for doing a good job. This requires us to have a high sense of responsibility and mission, to love our work, to be loyal to the enterprise, to be brave in taking responsibility, to respond quickly to problems, and to maintain the corporate image and interests at all times and everywhere.


Team: refers to behavioral requirements

The team is the guarantee. To form a strong team, we should start with the unity of the leading group, care for each other, support each other, communicate with each other and understand each other, so as to drive and influence the whole organization to work together and make progress together, truly form a harmonious and warm family, and shape a united and upward fighting group.


Details: refer to management requirements

Details are the key to success or failure, and the mistakes of management are often reflected in details. This requires that we should not ignore the details in everything, quantify the details of each work, define the standards, define the responsibilities, learn to make SOP, let the managers know how to manage, the operators know how to operate, so as to achieve a rule-based work and orderly management.

Enterprise tenet: people-oriented management, enterprise spirit: harmonious innovation, competitive management concept: integrity, tenacity and enthusiasm