Straighten out the management procedures and do a good job in guiding the service work of grassroots units

It is the responsibility of the group's functional departments to straighten out management procedures and do a good job of service and guidance.Recently, the group's Enterprise Management Office and the Finance Office, in conjunction with the construction company, have re-straightened the process of leasing machinery and equipment and standardized management.First of all, the "Regulations on the Management of Leased Machinery and Equipment" will be communicated and trained at this month's procurement meeting, and secondly, on-site follow-up guidance will be carried out after the training, and patient explanations will be given from the requirements of document filling, certification, accounting, and information communication, so that it can be accurately mastered.In addition, according to the operating conditions in the pilot version, it will be adjusted and improved in time to achieve the expected results.Here, I hope that all departments will continue to do a good job of supervision, service and guidance, find problems in a timely and effective manner, do a good job in various tasks in depth and solidly, and give full play to department functions!