Beijing QUEENUS Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for developing the China Market for the cosmetics brand “QUEENUS” from South Korea.
  Beijing QUEENUS is the sole agent to distribute the QUEENUS brand cosmetics productsin China. Beijing QUEENUS established a membership system to spread the marketing network, and also through the outlets to meet the individual needs from different customers. We are so proud to bring QUEENUS high quality products to Chinese consumers.

About the Brand:
  Queen+us=queenus, means "Like A Queen". The “Queen" should be dignified, graceful, and also independent, confident, passion and full of vigor and vitality. Every woman in 21st century could become a queen.
  The logo of QUEENUS is designed as a crown, combined with the first letter “Q” and petals, which means the queen is protected by the petals. The logo expresses the modern, bright, capable and soft from women; and the women also could get the feel of a queen, from our products and our services, even more.

About the Product:
  QUEENUS products include three categories; they are Ultra Vitality Moisturizing for mid-market; Infinite Radiance Anti-Wrinkle & Whitening for high-end market; and Flawless BB Cream. QUEENUS also have other two series products, Revitalising Hair Care series and Crystal Skin Care series.
  “Green, Natural, Harmony and Health” is the skin care philosophy of QUEENUS. The QUEENUS products contain natural organic plant active ingredients with Revitalising formula from South Korea. It’s a perfect fusion of biotechnology to bring high quality of life for our customers.

  QUEENUS Ultra Vitality Moisturizing series mainly contains the Sea Buckthorn Oil and Camellia Extract. Sea Buckthorn Oil, an advanced cosmetic raw material, contains vitamin E, vitamin A, flavonoids and SOD activity components; it could effectively prevent the Free Radicals in order to achieve the ant-aging, and it also could repair the daily damage problem to skin; moisture skin and make skin lubrication.

  QUEENUS Infinite Radiance Anti-Wrinkle & Whitening series contains platinum ultra-fine particles to penetrate into the underlying skin by Nanotechnology to effectively against sagging skin and skin dull. Nano Platinum Particles could repair damaged skin due to ages and outside environment, and remove the waste within pores to maintain a clean skin.

  QUEENUS Revitalising Hair Care Series contains precious Chinese herbal formula, called “Seven Treasures”, an effective solution to hair problems, such as dry, shedding, inelastic, and sensitive scalp. It could nourish and improve the health of hair from inside and outside.

  QUEENUS Crystal Body Skin Care Series not only care the cleaning of skin, but also focus on how to solve the problems of the body skin, such as dry, fine lines, sensitive and so on. QUEENUS Crystal Body Skin Care Series contains Safflower Seed extract, Tiger Piran extract, honey and other ingredients. It has the function of moisture; enhance skin immunity, prevention of UV.

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