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Mega Property

MEGA PROPERTY CO.,LTD.was founded in November 2011. It is wholly registered by Shandong zhongyun Group Co., Ltd. and is committed to the real estate development of Jeju Island by making full use of the unique geographical advantages of Jeju Island and preferential policies for foreign investors.


With a mild climate and an average temperature of about 16 ℃, Jeju Island is known as "Hawaii of South Korea". In addition, the 256 km long coastline scenery, the natural mysterious landscape left over from the Archaean period and the folk culture with simple local characteristics make it a "dream paradise" for tourism, vacation and living. In spring, cherry blossom, rape flower and azalea bloom together in Jeju Island, the scenery is mysterious and attractive. In May, the Rhododendron blooms in full bloom; in summer, from time to time, from the verdant jungle, the melodious birdsong, the waterfall, the magical Valley and the dense green shade spread among the mountains are drawn into a wonderful landscape painting; the purple awn flower makes the autumn of Jeju Island colorful and self-made Drunk maple leaves quietly dyed red all over the body; in winter, the dead trees were decorated with white snow, and the snowflakes without flowers and flowers were always smiling in the face of the cold wind. In winter, Jeju Island seemed to become bigger.


In order to let investors fully feel the natural and cultural charm of Jeju Island, Meijia real estate will focus on the development of land with superior geographical location, and strive to develop and create a natural, harmonious and private holiday and leisure space. Here, you can fully enjoy the sunshine, waves, beaches and the natural landscape of Mt. Hannah in the daytime. At night, you can sleep in the gentle sound of the sea, the wind and the forest, and close your eyes to a natural tenderness and open your eyes to a gorgeous life. After comprehensive analysis and investigation, the company has purchased two plots in xiguipu City, one is close to the sea, the other is back to Hanna mountain, facing the sea. The perfect integration of natural landscape and human customs is fascinating. In the next step, the company will steadily expand its development scale and further expand its overseas business according to the actual situation.


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