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    Shandong zhongyun Construction Co., Ltd., formerly Longkou construction engineering company founded in 1951, has developed into a large construction enterprise integrating construction and installation engineering, municipal engineering, decoration, pressure pipeline, steel structure engineering and hoisting equipment installation.

    After more than 70 years of development, from professional technology to team quality, from enterprise scale to comprehensive construction capacity, from small to large rapid development. The company has the first-class qualification for general contracting of housing construction engineering, municipal public engineering construction, steel structure engineering, concrete prefabricated component engineering, pipeline engineering, fire-fighting facilities engineering, hoisting equipment installation engineering, demolition engineering and other professional contracting qualifications, and has the foreign contracting project operation qualification and foreign labor cooperation operation qualification of the people's Republic of China.

    The company always adheres to the quality policy of "scientific management, abiding by commitments, pragmatic innovation and sincere service", takes "building excellent projects and creating famous brand enterprises" as the development goal of the enterprise, vigorously advocates the competition concept of "line up when there is a team, vow to win when there is a flag, take the first place when there is a competition", actively adopts new technologies and new processes, pays attention to quality, duration, and credit In recent years, the company has completed a large number of high-quality projects and reassurance projects, including Beihai hospital ward building, Longkou City Longkou Cultural Square,Liqun shopping plaza, Longkou new No.1 middle school teaching building,Longkou Yueliangwan Hotel,office building of Local Taxation Bureau,zhongyun building commercial building、Longkou Marine Environment Monitoring Station Office Building and Fishing Port Area, State Oceanic Administration,Yantai Huijing Cultural Park,zhongyun xincun Community,song yunyuan residential building,Sunshine Garden residential area,Longkou Jiayuan learning city residential area,Longze Huafu South District, Yantai Hairun No.1 residential building,Xingyao Shangfu District and Longkou Runsheng Food Co. Ltd. Factory Areahave been praised by people from all walks of life for their good site safety management, short construction period and excellent quality, and have won "provincial excellent projects" for many times "Provincial safe and civilized construction site" and "Shandong Province decoration project quality Taishan Cup" and other awards.

    With rich construction experience, the company has gradually become a comprehensive construction enterprise that can fight hard battles, is good at fighting hard battles, and dares to fight hard battles. It has been awarded the honorary titles of "top 10 construction enterprises" and "advanced unit of safety production", "contract abiding and credit abiding Enterprises of Shandong Province" and "advanced collective of construction system of the whole province" for many times.

    Shandong zhongyun Construction Co., Ltd. will continue to rely on strong technical strength, rich construction experience and open concept of talents to strive for progress and innovation in the field of construction industry, to move towards the future with a new look.