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    Yantai Dongsheng pawnbroking Co., Ltd. was successfully opened on June 16, 2013. It was approved and established by Shandong zhongyun group with a capital injection of RMB 50 million in accordance with the pawnbroking management measures issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of public security in 2005. It is mainly engaged in the Pawnbroking Business of chattel pledge, the Pawnbroking Business of property right pledge, the Pawnbroking Business of real estate mortgage and the quota Sales, appraisal, evaluation and consulting services of internal prohibited goods and other businesses approved by the Ministry of commerce according to law.

    Today's pawnbrokers are no longer the small pawnshops of the past, but play an active role in financing, gathering money and expanding wealth. Their industry image has changed a lot. They exist as a supplement to the financial industry and an effective channel to achieve small, short-term and rapid financing. In addition to the function of financing, the modern pawnbroker also has the function of pawnbroking storage and commodity sales. Because the pawnbroker's items are subject to professional evaluation and appraisal, so there is quality assurance. Taobao has gradually become the preference of some consumers who like to invest and collect from "juedang" items.

    Shandong zhongyun Group actively complies with the needs of social development while seeking diversified development of enterprises. Yantai Dongsheng pawn Co., Ltd. emerges as the times require. Pawnbroking company not only meets the needs of customers, but also injects new vitality into the overall development of the group company.

    Zhongyun group will develop better and faster with the joint efforts and support of all of you, and contribute to the social and economic development of Longkou City.