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Company profile


    Yantai zhongyun Properties Management Co., Ltd., founded in September 2000, is one of the earliest property management companies with management qualification in Longkou City. It has two-level property management qualification and Special Equipment Production License, transformation and maintenance license. It is mainly engaged in various types of property management services such as residential quarters, commercial buildings, office buildings and villas.

    Over the years, the company has continuously innovated its service mode, guided by customer demand, formed a subtle, human-oriented and family friendly distinctive service feature, and meticulously built a well-trained professional management team. With rich management experience, advanced intelligent management mode and high-quality service level, it has won unanimous praise from all walks of life and the majority of owners. The community it serves has been awarded the honorary titles of "five-star safe residential community in Longkou City", "excellent fire safety publicity and education community in Yantai City", "excellent property management residential community in Yantai City", "excellent property management residential community in Shandong Province", "garden type residential community in Shandong Province" and "property management demonstration community in Shandong Province". The company has been awarded by superior departments for many years in a row To "advanced unit of property management".

    Looking forward to the future, zhongyun property will continue to adhere to the tenet of "owner first, service first", constantly develop and innovate, create brand image, strive to create safe, civilized, beautiful and comfortable working and living space for owners, strive to become the leader of property management industry, and make new contributions to the rapid development of property industry.


1、 Overall thinking and direction of efforts

  1. Establish credit evaluation mechanism for owners
  2. Achieve commitment to the home
  3. Intelligent management through network construction
2、 Establishment and management of property management archives
  ●Archives of property inspection period
  Property right data    technical data    acceptance data
  ●Property occupancy records
  Ownership data personal data
  ●Daily property management files
  Operation record file maintenance record file property service record file
3、 Housing, facilities and equipment management
  On the one hand, through the property user's manual, the owner's Convention and various publicity work, the owner and the property user can correctly use the housing and facilities on the basis of fully understanding the use methods of the housing and facilities and equipment. On the other hand, the maintenance and patrol inspection of houses and facilities and equipment shall be done carefully to ensure the stability, reliability, safe use and operation of houses and facilities and equipment, reduce maintenance costs and extend the service life of houses and facilities and equipment.
4、 Safety management
  1. Improve the safety management system and the post responsibility system, and clarify the safety management responsibilities and obligations.
  2. Regularly train security personnel and establish a professional security team.
  3. Manage all kinds of equipment and facilities of the security monitoring center to ensure that the monitoring center is always in normal working condition.
  4. Organize safety publicity and education, mobilize and organize the masses in the area to receive education, and enhance safety awareness.
  5. Vehicle management is in order.
5、 Community environmental management
  1. Greening management
  ●The professional personnel shall implement the greening maintenance management, trim and replant in time to ensure no weeds and sundries;
  ● according to the distribution and growth stages of regional green plants, flowers, hedges and trees shall be pruned and shaped in time according to varieties and growth conditions to maintain the ornamental effect;
  ● regularly organize irrigation, fertilization and soil loosening, and do well in flood prevention and antifreeze work.
2. Cleaning management
  ● the cleaning personnel shall wear uniform clothes, chest tags, clean and dignified appearance, and take good care of all facilities and properties of the property;

  ● properly adjust the garbage can, clear and transport the garbage twice a day, dispose the garbage in time, and place the garbage in the designated place according to the classification, so as to save electricity and water;

       ● Formulate "four pests" killing plan, and carry out centralized killing every week.

       ● Make a snow sweeping plan in winter. When it snows in winter, make sure that the road is clear when the snow stops; when it snows in the daytime, clean it immediately after the snow stops; when it snows in the evening, clean the snow in the community in an all-round way after daybreak.

6、 Community culture

       1. Set up newspaper publicity activities in the community to make the community a characteristic community with strong cultural atmosphere.

       2. Regularly hold the owners' fraternity to meet the cultural needs of the owners of the community for modern noble houses.

       3. Realize the interaction between property management and community culture, improve the management level, and create a unique community cultural brand of Ping An Property