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Steel Pipe


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      Yantai zhongyun Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. The company is located in the scenic Longkou economic development zone. The national highway 228, Weiwu Expressway and Dali Lailong railway pass by. Longkou port (the largest local port in China) is closely connected with it, which makes the water and land transportation very convenient.

     The company has three automatic double-sided submerged arc welding spiral steel pipe production lines and one multi-functional anti-corrosion production line. The spiral seam submerged arc welded steel pipe is manufactured in accordance with the product standards of GB / t9711-2017 and API Spec 5L, and the external anti-corrosion of steel pipe is in accordance with GB / t23257-2017. The company has established an effective quality assurance system within the company. From the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of products, all processes are strictly inspected and controlled to ensure that the products meet the standards. At the same time, the company has obtained the manufacturing license of special equipment for spiral steel pipe of A1 level, API product certification and ax level of external anti-corrosion of steel pipe, as well as three management system certification certificates of quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system.

     The three automatic double-sided submerged arc welding spiral steel pipe production lines all adopt Lincoln welder imported from the United States. The steel pipe specification is φ 219 - φ 1620, and the annual production and design capacity is 150000 tons. Products are widely used in oil, natural gas, heating, gas, water supply and other fluid pipelines, as well as slurry, coal powder, chemical materials or powder solid transmission pipelines, including structural steel pipes and pile driving steel pipes for industrial and civil buildings.

     In the production process, the company has online ultrasonic flaw detection, water pressure test, X-ray flaw detection, portable ultrasonic flaw detection and other detection equipment to control all links of production and all indexes of products online, so as to ensure the stability of product quality; at the same time, the company has a comprehensive laboratory with Provincial Level II qualification, which can carry out chemical composition of base metal, metallographic examination of welding, tensile and bending of base metal and weld joint , hardness, impact and other mechanical experiments; make supporting experiments for the products produced by the company to ensure the quality of the products. The company also has a number of qualified welding personnel, nondestructive testing personnel, physical and chemical testing personnel. The spiral welded pipe produced by the company has passed the inspection of Hebei boiler and pressure vessel supervision and Inspection Institute.

     The multi-functional anti-corrosion production line is introduced from South Korea. The equipment and technology are up to the world's leading level. It is specialized in f.b.e (epoxy powder), two-layer PE / PP, three-layer PE / PP and internal coating of integrated anti-corrosion pipeline.There also has a production line for prefabricated directly buried insulation pipes, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 meters for φ219-φ1620mm insulation pipes.

     In order to ensure the product quality, in addition to having the necessary testing and inspection equipment in the production process, the company has also established a good cooperation relationship with the comprehensive laboratory of China Petroleum Pipeline Research Institute. Relying on the laboratory, the company has carried out the whole process inspection of the product from the raw material entering the factory to the finished product leaving the factory, thus ensuring the stable and qualified product quality.

    Our company will thank the people and users of the industry for their excellent product quality and sincere after-sales service.