Company Profile

        Yantai Dongsheng Pawn Co., Ltd. successfully opened on June 16, 2013, in accordance with relevant provisions of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Public Security Decree No. 8 of 2005 "pawn management approach" and so on, by the Shandong allowed in the group injected 50 million approving the establishment of the yuan, mainly engaged in the chattel mortgage pawn business, property rights pledge pawn business, real estate mortgage pawn business, must when the sale of goods within the limits, appraisal and consulting services as well as the Ministry of Commerce approved the law of other businesses.

        Today's pawnshop is no longer the past to save the poor, emergency small pawn shop, but in financial management, enrichment, fiscal expansion has played a swap places remaining, timely emergency problem-solving and active role, which has a greatly improved image of the industry, as a supplement to the financial industry exists, it is to achieve an effective channel of small, short-term, quick financing. In addition to the financial intermediation function, modern pawnshop also have custody when the object function and merchandising functions, because pawn items are professionally assessed and identified, so there is quality assurance, from "absolutely as" goods in Taobao becoming part of the collection of consumer favorite investment preferences.

        Shandong Yun Group to seek diversified development of enterprises, actively to meet the social development needs, Yantai Dongsheng pawn Limited which came into being. Pawn company to meet the needs of our customers, but also for the company's overall development has injected new vitality.

        Allowed in the group will be better and faster development in our joint efforts and support their contribution to a force of social and economic development in Longkou City.

        Add.: No.81, Nanshan Road, Longkou City, Shandong Province  Tel:0535-8505077  Fax:0535-8505139  E-mail:dongshengpawn@126.com